Our Services

Lead Generation

Our focus is build an audience or take your existing audience and reach out to the people who be a solid candidate for your product or service. In return we create leads, build your email list & increase sales.

  • Qualified Prospects Leads
  • Landing Pages customized to your Business
  • Drive Digital and physical traffic to your store
  • Responsive design (Across all platforms)
  • teach you how to monetize your list
  • Social media integration

Web Design

Our clients vision for their company is the first building block to creating an attractive site designed to drive traffic, engage visitors, create leads, & increase sales.

  • Responsive design (Across all platforms)
  • Site Optimization for max speed
  • SEO friendly structure
  • User-friendly admin panel
  • Fully secure website
  • Social media integration
  • Simple navigation across the site
  • Backup of the entire site

Targeted Advertising

We utilizing various platform advertising to bring your product or service to your next client as easily and cost efficient as possible. we have the ability to reach 50,000+ people with one campaign.

  • Target Market Specific Ads
  • Proven Ad Campaign Strategies
  • Monthly Reports to Prove ROI
  • Increased Brand Recognition
  • Engaging Content and Copy write
  • Location Specific (Local or National)

Social Media Management

Cochrane Commerce's social media team focuses on building your brand, increasing engagement, and turning likes into leads.

  • Custom branding on social media accounts
  • Content creation specific for your business
  • Engaging captions and descriptions
  • Trending Hashtags
  • Increased engagement + followers
  • Increased Brand Recognition
  • Increase website traffic
  • Drive Organic traffic

Why Work with Us?

Monthly Payments

No Long term contracts, month to month payment schedule. Cancel anytime with a 15 Day notice.

24/7 Customer Support

We have a team to ask answer any questions or help your company maximize our services. You may also visit our FAQ page

Meet with our team

Our primary form of contact is either face to face or over Skype. We work with companies nationwide to improve business practices regarding their digital footprint. Set up a time to meet today.

A La Carte

Our services are customizable to your companies specific needs. The last thing we want is our clients paying for unnecessary services.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We offer a refund policy for all of your services. We are so confident in the work we do that we provide that we offer a 100% money back guarantee as well as cancel at any time.

Over 27+ Companies

With over 27 companies served since our launch in early 2018 we are confident in our abilities to make an impact and help businesses in the online space.

It is incredible that today this is what so many businesses are built on, simply an internet connection and a laptop. The overhead to launch is minimal in comparison. I remember working for start ups that had 100,000 sq. ft.  factories and endless amounts of equipment to build their business with millions in overhead where as you can launch a marketing company, an e-commerce store, be a free lance writer with nothing more than a phone, laptop and in some cases a decent camera if you don’t use your phone. The mindset of the younger generation has seamlessly integrated into this yet the older generations do not understand the power of the internet. The opportunities are endless if you know how to find and leverage them.

What We Can Do For Your Business


We work with companies all around the nation, therefore most business is conducted via Skype.  

After our initial call, in which we discuss your current status and the ideal of where you would like to be. My team goes to work to create a way to close the gap.

We have successfully implemented and grown over 50+ companies annual incomes as well as their brand recognition.

Once we have looked at the data and designed an approach that suits your needs, our team will hold a meeting and go over all of our findings.

Depending on the case, we offer training sessions for your sales team.


Here at Cochrane Commerce, we have a marketing team focused on specific company objectives and solutions. Whether you’re just launching a business or seeking a more effective and efficient way to brand your business, we will tailor a strategy suited just for you. Our marketing campaigns can include the following:

  • Web Design
  • Brand Recognition

  • Facebook and Google Ads

  • SEO optimization

  • Target market utilization

  • Developing web content that appeals to individuals in your niche

  • Social Media Marketing 

Cochrane Commerce leverages technology to create more efficient business practices across the nation. We specialize in business consulting and are proficient in: scaling operations, brand building, web design, and e-commerce. Through utilizing data and implementing strategies we have developed the tools to enhance and improve your companies day to day. Each of our client’s  receive a unique tailored solution to match their vision and differentiate their business in the market place. 

Join The Movement

Side Hustle Entreprenuers

Join Our Community. We created a place for entrepreneurs to come together to teach, learn, and help one another establish successful businesses. Learn to polish your skillset and increase the reach of your internet business today

Frequently asked questions

Cochrane Commerce was founded to help others leverage technology to develop their digital footprint. Whether you’ve just launched a company or are well established we can expand your online presence. 

Beyond digital footprints, we want to amplify the experience of consumers by placing content and interactions at the heart of our services. We help our customers grow and we grow with them.

If you’re ready to take the next steps for your business contact our team to set up a free audit today. The initial meeting is typically 20-30 minutes focused on company goals as well as reviewing your current standing evaluation. We conduct most meetings via Skype or Go To Meeting since we work with clients across the country.

There are no hidden costs.

The plans are monthly with free cancelation at anytime with a 15 day notice. Following the first month of service the fee is recurring each month.

We will need to understand all there is to know about your business (industry, audience, brand voice)! We will send over a questionnaire to better help understand your business. Normal on boarding time is up to 3 business days depending on how fast you can work with us.

Absolutely. Choose from one of our social media packages and we will post relevant content for your business! If none of these suit, please contact me for a custom order.

We have a refund policy for all the services we offer. Cochrane Commerce stands behind what we do because we know it works. In fact we are so confident in what we provide you that if doesn’t help you, we will give you your money back.

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